Warning, Unlicensed-Inexperienced, Building & Pest Inspectors!

What you need to Know!

  • A builder with no experience can complete a two day course and be qualified to carry out building inspections !
  • Any person can complete a short course and be qualified to carry out pest inspections ! WITH NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER IN THE PEST CONTROL INDUSTRY !
  • Employees working for companies do not have to be qualified, licensed or covered by insurance to carry out inspections.
  • Building inspectors– in some circumstances – are not obliged to carry professional indemnity insurance for building inspections.
  • Some Building/pest inspectors have no practical experience whatsoever and are legally allowed to carry out inspections!
  • Having a builder’s licence, also being a member of the Master Builders Association and/or Institute of Building Consultants (on their own) are not sufficient qualifications for an individual or company to carry out building inspections.

Questions you must ask to help eliminate the problem of employing unlicensed building and/or pest control inspectors.

  • Ask to speak to the inspector that is to carry out the inspection on your behalf, not just a receptionist.
  • Ask the inspector for their license numbers, areas they access or don’t, do they take photos, do they discuss outcome of the report with the agent and/or seller?
  • DO NOT USE any company that will not allow you to talk to the inspector that you maybe considering employing, to allow you the opportunity to ask the inspector (responsible for your inspection) questions directly.
  • Do they ask for payment before the inspection is carried out?
  • Check with the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) to ensure the licence and insurance of the inspector are current and cover the type of inspection you are to engage them for .
  • Ask whose signature is on the report, make sure it is the matches the inspector you spoke to that is going to carry out your inspection.
  • Will they allow you to be onsite during the inspection? If the answer is no, do not use them!

Check the following when you have received your report.

  • Make sure the inspectors name, signature and licence numbers match also with your QBCC search.
  • Did they access the roof exterior and interior?
  • Did they check all items, areas and buildings on the property they said they would?
  • Did they discuss outcome of the report with the agent and/or seller before you?
  • Is the report as detailed and easy to understand as the inspector said it would be?
  • Did they make themselves readily available to clarify items in the report?
  • Look for photos in the report for proof of access gained, to areas they said they would.

Important tips:

  • Ask the agents who they recommend, so you know who not to employ! 
  • Never pay upfront for any inspection service before they carry out an inspection!
  • Inform the inspector they are not to discuss the outcome of the report with the agent or seller. This can cause unnecessary discussion and may lead into arguments that could hinder your negotiating. It is up to you to decide whom you wish to share the information with also if you wish to proceed based on the outcome of the report results, not your inspector nor the agent!
  • Never use a Builder with a pest control licence to carry out your pest inspection.

Don’t take my word for the above, do your own checking with the QBCC for clarification; you won’t like the results!
Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC). tel 139 333, web: http://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au