3011, 2015

Dangers of buying over internet!

November 30th, 2015|Bathroom, Beware of buying over internet!, Deck & veranda problems, Importance of photos & access, Leaking causing rot, Movement, Roof Problems, Wiring|Comments Off on Dangers of buying over internet!

Packed stump from significant movement

A recent inspection of a property in the Ipswich area for an interstate buyer that had not seen the property apart from photos posted on the internet. Fortunately the client had the common sense not to go with their building inspector and favorable report. The report saved her from making a […]

606, 2015

Perished wiring

June 6th, 2015|Wiring|Comments Off on Perished wiring

Photo taken in 2005 but still very relevant. Old rubber wiring that is perishing. You can just see above this fuse box a new electrical wire that had been recently fitted, but the electrician left these obviously perished and potentially dangerous wires in place. Fortunately nowadays these is rare as most older houses have had […]

2805, 2015

Dangerous fitting of wiring

May 28th, 2015|New house problems, Wiring|Comments Off on Dangerous fitting of wiring


New house with wiring to roof interior fitted over metal gang nails of the roof trusses. Very dangerous for anyone climbing in the roof. Without any extra effort all the electrician had to do was re-route the wires to the sides.