Vendor Reports Problems

1909, 2016

Understated Inspection Reports

September 19th, 2016|Buying at auction problems, Costly mistakes, Importance of photos & access, Understated Inspection Reports, Vendor reports, Vendor Reports Problems|Comments Off on Understated Inspection Reports

Here is a classic example why it is dangerous to accept a building report from a seller before an auction. Numerous items in the vendors report were either not discovered by the inspector or significantly understated to help the sale go through! Don’t be conned into thinking a free report given to you by the SELLING […]

509, 2016

Vendor report problems

September 5th, 2016|Illegal structures, Vendor reports, Vendor Reports Problems|Comments Off on Vendor report problems

The owner of this property decided to employ a inspector suggested by the selling agent, this is what they neglected to mention !

An illegal structure built by the owner without Council approval, not mentioned in the vendors report. Not many insurance companies are likely to take on the potential liability of an illegal structure. Always […]