Before You Start

  • Make your own checklist of your personal requirements and what you want from the house, property and area
  • Consult your lender to make sure you are well within your means before committing yourself financially

  • Contact a competent solicitor independent of the real estate agent, before signing a contract. Avoid using conveyancing firms, they are usually fine until something goes wrong

  • Be aware your lender does not arrange or carry out inspections, they do valuation appraisals only. You must arrange building and pest inspections yourself

  • Check rates available, repayment requirements and hidden costs also penalties for any changes made afterwards

  • Look at variable and fixed rates and determine which is more suitable to your requirements

  • Only borrow within you means and allow for the unforeseen!

  • Consult your solicitor, accountant or a qualified financial advisor for expert advice

Saving You Money Now & Later.

So you know exactly what you must budget for, before proceeding with any purchase obtain written quotes from reputable companies or individuals on any major items that require rectification or replacing.