Problems found in a recently inspected northern suburb new house

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Builders seem to have lost sight of importance of fitting flashing’s around openings and rely too much on sealants that deteriorate from normal weather conditions, also crack from different rates of expansion and contraction between different products used in construction. This can allow seepage and potential for rot to occur to wall framing and sometimes the sub-floor structure (in a two storey house). Refer to other blogs and photos under, New house problems.

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Rising damp occurring to exposed edges of the house and garage slab. Although this is a common occurrence deterioration may occur over the long term (depending on the type of soil in the area). This problem must be identified in the report so the buyer can have it monitored and addressed by an expert before any significant deterioration occurs.

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Seepage and/or rising damp to corner of the garage slab. Cracks to the garage slab, possibly caused by expansion of the soil causing the slab to heave.

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Fractured web member to part of a Truncated Girder truss (main supporting truss to other trusses).

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